Welcome Home


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So grateful to share that we will be re-opening as Haven Healing Collective this September!
Please read through the following post to learn what changes you will see from us over the next month…
-During this time of heavy collective energy, we’ve realized that our old business model doesn’t work anymore and we can’t just pack people into a room twice a day for yoga and barre. With uncertainty about when this pandemic will end, we’ve been able to adapt, pivot and grow Haven into a space that keeps our community safe and our business sustainable.
-We are still going to hold small group classes for yoga and barre, and we believe the day for big group classes WILL come again! But until then, we will continue to expand our holistic facials, massage, and energy work offerings. As well as our new locally sourced boutique.
-PLEASE NOTE that we will be going offline for the month of August to work on these changes inside of our studio. Zoom classes will resume in September.
-You can still book private sessions with us in August, just excuse the appearance of our space during this transition!
-As some of you may remember, right before the pandemic, we were excited to welcome Morgan and Chris of Backbone Yoga into our Haven. We’ve spent the past half a decade, running retreats, workshops, events, and trainings with Backbone. In order to continue to hold space for the best classes, workshops, and yoga trainings in Hunterdon County, we’ve decided to continue with this partnership. Rather than split our efforts further and run two separate studios, a merger made too much sense to all of us! This time has made it so clear that we are stronger together.
This time has given us so many challenges. But it has also given us so many gifts. Our teachers, students, family and friends have donated their time, money and resources to help us. We are working with whatever we’ve got to make these changes and we are in FULL TRUST of this redirection. Over the next month stayed tuned for our new schedule, sign up software and website. And as always feel free to reach out with any questions! Thank you thank you thank you

“What if our religion was each other? If our practice was our life? If prayer was our words? What if the Temple was the Earth? If forests were our church? If holy water—the rivers, lakes and oceans? What if meditation was our relationships? If the Teacher was life? If wisdom was self-knowledge? If love was the center of our being.”
~Ganga White~