Catherine Quinn – Owner, Yoga and SUP Yoga Teacher


Catherine is a New Jersey based 200-hour ERYT specializing in Vinyasa and SUP Yoga. With a background in dance, Catherine naturally connected with yoga when she discovered the practice as a teenager. At 21, Catherine completed her 200-hour teacher training program under Yoga Alliance and began teaching full-time. Since then, she has taught at various studios all across the state. Her students extend from North Jersey to the Jersey Shore and she is grateful for every single one of them. Ready to put her own yoga roots down, Catherine founded Yoga + Barre Haven, a free spirited community in Clinton, NJ. Opening those doors has changed her life, as well as many others. Being a water baby at heart, Catherine still continues to teach at the Jersey Shore and spends any free time on her paddleboard. This inspired her to complete her most recent training program as a SUP (Stand Up Paddleboard) Yoga Teacher. Practicing on the water has been Catherine’s greatest teacher yet. There’s a lesson in every ripple of water. In the wind. In every sunrise and sunset. Catherine’s classes are fun and accessible to everyone. The environment is peaceful and non-judgmental. She incorporates creative sequencing and deep breathing, all to good music. Her purpose in life is to inspire. Spread love. Spread peace. And to find a deeper purpose in everything that she does. Visit her blog here!

Amanda Faith – Yoga Teacher and Reiki Practitioner

09.30.2018_Yoga_Haven_016The journey of the voice…After having my third child 7 years ago, I accidentally “found” yoga; or perhaps it found me.  It helped me lose my baby weight, it centered my mind, and took me out of the motherhood role for the first time since becoming a mother.  Prior to practicing self-expression through asana, my expression of life occurred through dancing, singing, and writing.  Practicing asana instantly became my form of dance.  I continued to sing, but could not find my true voice.  My voice hid behind my body, and continued to hide behind the written word.  I believed that writing was “the painting of the voice.”  A few years into practicing, I decided that I needed to share this beautiful expression, so I earned my RYT-200 certificate in 2011 and was trained in Vinyasa Flow.  With my background training in music, singing, writing, and dance, I began playing harmonium and chanting, to breakdown the obstacles of self-expression and meditation for myself as well as for my students.  I had struggled to find my own voice through most of this yogic process, and was given the advice to, “tell your truth, find your voice, and sing your song.”  Shortly after, I became certified as a Reiki practitioner in 2015.  I’ve come to believe and continue to share that one thing underlies all aspects of the uncertainty of your path, “Speak the truth, even if your voice shakes.”

Nancy Quinn Meckeler – Barre Teacher 

09.30.2018_Yoga_Haven_137Nancy took her first ballet class with her twin sister when she was 5 years old. She then went on to study dance in college and is trained in classical ballet, modern, jazz and liturgical dance. She has a BA in Communications and Dance Minor. During her dance and performance studies, she began to introduce Yoga to her flexibility training.  Yoga helped her strengthen her body and gain focus as well as balance. The combination of ballet and yoga has brought her to where she is today… back to the Barre. Her study in AFAA Group Fitness takes her passion for fitness and compassion for others to new levels of expertise. Take Nancy’s Barre classes and you will achieve deep definition of movement, full body strengthening and greater flexibility all in the spirit of fun!

Morgan Adams – Yoga Teacher

09.30.2018_Yoga_Haven_105Morgan began practicing yoga in college as a way to broaden her means of exercise. As her love for yoga grew, she found herself wanting to deepen her personal practice both on and off the mat. Morgan enrolled in Marianne Well’s Yoga Teacher Training in the jungles of Cahuita, Costa Rica, where she spent multiple mornings rising to the sounds of howler monkeys to begin her daily practice. She describes her overall experience as: “A journey of self-realization that blossomed into several positive life changes.” Yoga has taught Morgan to observe instead of react, to become more present, and to be grateful for all that is. She is excited to share everything that she has learned because everyone deserves to feel beautiful inside and out, on the mat and off. “Trust your intuition, the universe will guide you. Namaste.”

Jessica Stansbury- Yoga Teacher

09.30.2018_Yoga_Haven_046Jessica is a licensed social worker and spent the past four years working as a high school guidance counselor.  While she absolutely loved working with her students, she knew in her heart that she was being called in another direction.  Her true passion has always been holistic health and wellness… whether it’s a new DIY shampoo recipe or some peppermint essential oil to uplift her mood, she’s all over it… so when her job was eliminated due to downsizing, she knew it was a sign to take the leap and follow her intuition.  This led her to attend the New York Institute of Integrative Nutrition where she was able to make her dream of combining counseling with holistic health a reality.  Throughout her life, Jessica has seen that just because things aren’t going the way you planned, doesn’t mean they aren’t going the way they should.  As a result, she has learned to step back and have faith that she will be led where she is meant to be and help those she is meant to help.  Jessica believes that every single person deserves to feel vibrant, beautiful, and energized.  It is her mission to guide her clients to heal their own bodies through nutrition, love, and self care, so that they may reach their highest potential.  Jessica received her yoga teaching certification from the School of Royal Yoga in Chester, NJ in 2014.  When she’s not practicing yoga, her favorite things include spending time in nature, going on adventures, loving on her animals, and traveling.  Whether it’s driving across the country, hiking the Grand Canyon, or taking a surf trip to Costa Rica Jessica and her husband Ryan are always on the move.  Peace, Love, & High Vibes

Holly Jongema – Yoga, SUP, and Kids Yoga Teacher

“Nature is the best medicine for serenity, peace, calmness and stillness. It’s good for the heart.” –Karen Madewell. Holly is excited to bring yoga to children of all ages to our community and is certified through ChildLight Yoga with Sally Delisle.  She has spent her career teaching primary students and has helped her students incorporate movement and breathing into their everyday routines and has seen amazing results. Through her classes, she is able to introduce the concepts of yoga through fun and engaging games, songs, and play. Holly began practicing yoga and meditation over 10 years ago. Her love of yoga developed while immersing herself in various teaching styles in many studios and workshops. In addition to teaching, she has an especially strong love of the natural world and taking her yoga and meditation practice outside. This love of nature brought her to Stand Up Paddle Boarding about 5 years ago. She loves how the natural sounds of water and earth fill her mind easily and instantly made meditation effortless.  She has paddled her way through many states on the East Coast in the open bay, ocean and reservoirs; even around the world in Koh Samui, Thailand! She believes that everyone should experience the peace and serenity of yoga and meditation on the water. There is something magical about the gentle sway of your board, breeze on your face and sun warming your heart that instantly melts worries away. Her background in teaching makes her a perfect instructor for sharing experiences learned through the years. She received her SUP yoga certification through Liquid Bliss Yoga in LBI. When she’s not on her board or mat, you may catch a sight of her on a run or walk enjoying Clinton.