Workshops + Events

Skincare Day with JoJo
June 21st
Booking by request is also available on Mondays + Weekends
Signature Facial $80//Lymphatic Drainage Facial $85
Antioxidant Facial $95//Age-Defy Facial $105
Call/text 908-894-4744 to reserve your 1 hour time slot
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JoJo is here to help custom design your skin to it’s truest potential. Book your 1 hour facial focusing on individually designed treatment plans. Just like you, your skin is unique. Within the hour we will review your daily lifestyle, diet and regimens to assess why we see reactions and conditions on your skin. And analyze deeper into the skin by a magnifying lamp after your skin is cleansed and toned. Products are then chosen and cocktailed for your personal skin ID! Includes exfoliation, serums, mask & moisturizers.

Massage Day with Crystal 
June 14th + 28th
July 5th + 12th
August 16th + 18th
Call/text 973-943-6163 to reserve your 1 hour time slot

Meet Crystal, licensed massage & neuromuscular therapist. She will be offering 1 hour massages at the studio all day long twice a month. Neuromuscular Therapy is soft tissue manipulation similar to that of myofascial release. It helps to release trigger points, deep muscular tension, and fascial congestion. It is also very effective in treating most chronic pain and degenerative muscle conditions. If time allows for it I like to do a fusion of this and a regular Swedish or deep tissue (depending on desired depth of pressure) so that you still get the release where you need it but also get the benefits of a deep relaxation.

Mantra Meditation with Amanda
June 9th + 30th
Included in class packages
Feeling stressed? Sluggish? Lonely? Anxious? Excited? Are you looking to deepen your yogic practice further by calling upon, and awakening “stuck” energies?  Each week we will begin class with a freshly brewed cup of herbal tea that aids in saucha or “purification,” that will ease respiratory discomfort, combat exhaustion, and mental sluggishness before and during the exploration of mantra recitation, or japa, to strengthen our yogic practice through abhyasa or “repetition.”  The word mantra is derived from the root “man,” meaning “to think,” and a mantra is said to be a tool by which we can control our thoughts.  Mantra stands for protection (trana) of the mind (manas).  We will practice the vibrations of om, and other mantras such as Om Namah Shivaya, Sita Ram, and Lokah Samasta Sukhino Bhavantu to produce positive mental habits, and overcome spiritual darkness that rests deep within us.  Come awaken your incredible transformative Shakti power, and protect the mind.
Note: Bring your mala beads.  No mala beads?  No problem.  Just bring yourself.

All Things Ashtanga with International Teacher Tina Bock
July 14th + 15th
Sunday: 11-12:30pm Ashtanga Primary Series Masterclass
Tina will guide us through the Primary Series of Ashtanga Yoga with a counted Led class. Using traditional Sanskrit counts and asanas, we will focus on The Tristana Method (breathe, bandha, dristi) and as taught by her Guru Sharath R Jois in Mysore, India. Some experience with Ashtanga yoga is necessary.
 12:30-2pm Ashtanga Intermediate Series Masterclass
Tina will guide us through half Led Intermediate Series in the traditional Ashtanga form. Experience and dedicated practice in the Ashtanga Yoga Primary series is necessary. Please feel free to ask Tina if you are ready (
$25 for Primary Series 
$40 for Primary + Intermediate
Monday: 5-6:30pm Smooth Transitions
Learn the proper way to transition in and out of postures in the Ashtanga Vinyasa practice. We will explore traditional Ashtanga postures, how to work up to “jumping through” and “jumping back” between seated asanas, “floating” techniques on moving through sun salutations, and being comfortable on our hands with our feet off the ground. We will practicing using the bandhas and our core strength to help control these movements. This will class is suitable for the yogi with a background in Ashtanga or Vinyasa yoga.  *BRING SOCKS!*